I am officially offering prints to my clients! This changes how I do business, but I am excited to elevate how I serve my clients with this new "boutique" style offering!

What does this mean for me?

For me, this means I will be able to make up some of the losses from COVID 19. It means I get to have satisfaction of seeing my artwork on your walls. It means I get to call myself a boutique photographer and, best of all, support other small Utah businesses!! I will be outsourcing the majority of my printing to two local businesses.

What does this mean for you?

This means those photos I take of you don't have to live on the web. This means you can display your images with the least amount of effort to you. This means you get to display those you love! I am so excited for these images to leap from your digital devices. The "lost generation" of children won't be lost anymore! We can display them just like grandma used to.

What do I mean by Prints?

What I will be offering

I intend to focus on wall art. These are the prints featured above. I want to focus on prints larger than 8x10. My dream would be to get your family hooked up with a large family portraits and surround it with smaller focal images. I will also be offering special occasion albums - such as with my Grow With Me program, or for my brides when I photograph their weddings (my wedding album is one of my most cherished possessions!), or, and this will be my favorite, for all of the high school seniors! We take so many images and only 3 or 4 ever get used for invites. Let me help you put those in an album for you! Let's celebrate your entire senior year!

What I won't be offering

Gone are the days of the seemingly never ending digital images. I have cut my images I used to deliver in half which I will be delivering digitally. If more digitals are requested, we can make an arrangement. For every print ordered, I offer a digital copy. So those photo albums will be your friends! The more images you put in there, the more digital copies you receive!

Why the change?

I spent 3 days doing a virtual photo conference which taught me my value as your photographer. In a place where everyone seems to dream of being a photographer, I was having a hard time feeling valued or necessary. Until this conference where I was reminded the scarcity of physical images. I was reminded as I'm building my house how I want my artwork to be of my loved ones on my walls. If I am going to pay for anything to hang on my walls, I want my family to be spotlighted. And I know I am not the only one. Now, instead of sending my clients away when they ask for prints, I am going to empower you to know you are supporting not only my small Utah business, but also potentially two others as well!