Here are some lists of possible locations which we can use for your session with me.

Tooele Valley

Locations I Have Experience

  • Stansbury Lake
  • Tooele Main Street
  • Bates Canyon Road (Stansbury)
  • Smelter Road
  • Millcreek Pond (Stansbury)
  • Black Rock
  • Industrial Depot
  • Clark Farm (Grantsville)
  • Rabbit Lane (Erda)
  • Saltair
  • Droubay Road
  • South Willow Canyon
  • Mercur

Locations I Would Like to Experience

  • Benson Gristmill (Stansbury) *Additional Photography Fee*
  • Frontage Road (Grantsville I-80 West exit)
  • ​​​​​​​Overlake Overlook
  • Soldier Canyon (Stockton)
  • Stansbury Island

Locations Out of Tooele Valley

A small travel fee applies to these locations. ($0.88 per mile outside of Tooele Valley)

  • Salt Flats
  • Ophir
  • Memory Grove (Salt Lake City)
  • Wheeler Farm *Additional Photography Fee* (Murray)
  • Murray Park
  • Arrowhead Park (Murray)
  • Garden Park Ward (Salt Lake City)
  • International Peace Gardens *Additional Photography Fee* (Salt Lake City)
  • Winder Dairy (West Valley)
  • Tunnel Shooting Springs Park (Salt Lake City)
  • Temple Quarry (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
  • Eggett Park (Bountiful)

St. George Locations

These locations have an even bigger travel fee, but I would love to visit again!

Locations I Have Experience

  • Tonaquint Nature Center
  • Forest Park
  • Pioneer Park
  • Red Hills Desert Garden

Locations I Would Like to Experience

  • Shadow Mountain Park
  • Little Sahara Sand Dunes
  • Sand Hollow