My Editing Process

I have taught myself most of what I know. Here's your look inside my process.

Each session I do is unique to my client, but this is the basic rundown of what I do to bring you beautiful images. If you have any questions, as always, ask away!

After you choose a type of sessionwe will book a date and time. I usually like to shoot my photos during the "golden hour", which is an hour before sunset.  I will have a contract for you to sign with more information for you. We will agree on a location, (I have a list of locations to choose from if you don't have one in mind) and have so much fun! Afterward I will go home and I will start working on editing your beautiful images. I will return a digital gallery to your email and you will have full access to it for up to one month, and you will be able to print whatever images you desire from that gallery from your choice of printer (either through me or I can direct you to other reputable printers if you'd prefer that route).