If you just "love love", this is the place for you. Couples sessions are some of my favorites because how else do you get to show off your person in such a genuine, perfect, complete way. And you don't have to be freshly engaged! If you've been dating and need more than selfies, been married and need a way to celebrate your marriage in all its glory, or have just been together and need a way to get your special person in front of the camera and they drag you with, let me know. This is such a light, breezy way to show your love to the world.

couple in a field
engaged couple showing off ring

Fun Fact: Most of my clients who approach me for couple's images are not recently engaged! I get so many couples who are celebrating their marriage or just celebrating their relationships. Even in this slideshow alone, only 2 images are from engagement sessions! See if you can figure out which ones they are! (hint: they have sparkly rings!)